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It's Our Birthday

Two years ago at midnight, Jennifer Kabat, Greg Olear, Janet Steen and I sat down over a bottle of Wild Turkey and a carton of Parliaments. By the next morning, The Weeklings was born. 730 essays later, it's hard to believe we even survived, let alone prospered. There's an endless list of people to thank, people who have done an enormous amount of often thankless work. So here's the thanks! Plus we've curated 15 of our best pieces for your amusement. Read on. Right on. All right.


Today is the 20th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's Death

This piece was originally commissioned by another publication for the 20th anniversary of Kurt's death. They gave me a 48 hour turnaround time, but I got it done. And then they passed on it...So here it is at The Weeklings. I stand by it, at least as not just another boilerplate re-hash of the facts. And I'm still getting paid. In some ways it feels like an "Ultimate Meaning of Nirvana" piece couldn't have gone any other way.


Show Girls Rocks

Are interviews more interesting if they're filled with gratuitous discussions of gratuitous nudity? The great Jamie Blaine and I discuss cinema cult classic Showgirls with Toronto Globe film critic Adam Nayman, author of It Doesn't Suck.


Kurt Doppleganger

Hey, today Booklist included Fade to Blue in an article called "The New Vonneguts" and said it's "a bible waiting for a cult." I can live with that. But does that mean I'm a Saul waiting for a horse? I sorta have always wanted to be a Pharisee. If not an Old Vonnegut. Cool review.


Just havin Fun

Everyone needs a pal. "We wuz only playing!"



Waitsian Cartography

This is excellent! Everywhere Tom Waits has been, you can go too. Possibly the best map ever.



Tonight! The Weeklings sponsors its second reading, the first ever for AWP Seattle, and it's going to be a killer event, with Josh Mohr, Art Edwards, Jodi Angel, Sean Beaudoin, Zoe Zolbrod and Rob Roberge. Emceed by Antonia Crane, music by The Drop Shadows, and books by Secret Garden. It's a Stranger Staff Pick! 9pm. You'd be a fool, a fool we tell you, to miss it.


50 Most Debauched

What are the 50 most debauched records in music history, you ask? Well, hell, someone had to assemble the list. And after Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, and Gibby Haynes passed on the assignment, it naturally fell to me.

"Roll it, pour it, cook it, crush it, and then drop the needle in the groove."



The Fool gets a cool review over at the excellent site Check it out.


Pivot Point II

Hey, my friend Kasie DeWoody West's new book "Split Second" is out today! It's the sequel to "Pivot Point, which I thought was excellently written for a woman who was once a Police Sergeant on The Force. Buy a couple, and not just because Kasie is way cool.

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