Sean Beaudoin

Enough excellent writing to fill a large tube sock

My Books:


"Funny and propulsive. A remarkable and welcome book.”
—Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask


"Thrilling and mercilessly readable, the stories in Welcome Thieves go off like a string of firecrackers, sizzling and popping with a narrative velocity that is equal parts grit and polish. Beaudoin is definitely a writer to watch.”
—Jonathan Evison, author of This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!



"Beaudoin’s stories are hilarious and charming, also intimate, and yes, they’re definitely dark, but not in a way that I need to go take a regenerative nap in the middle of reading. No, I exited this brief avalanche of stories feeling even more awake and full of delight in this ridiculous world we inhabit."

—Peter Mountford, author of The Dismal Science



"Funny, daring, alarming, sweet— how this book fills the mind and the senses with life.  Beaudoin’s language is so original and fast that it gets very close to experience, handles it so loyally and beautifully."

—Rebecca Lee, author of Bobcat


"Welcome Thieves is a deviously spellbinding collection of short stories in which strange and beautiful worlds, creations of Sean Beaudoin’s dark and sometimes brutal imagination, emerge as part of a tapestry so finely woven that we don’t see the thread. In the end, we can only stand in awe of Beaudoin’s immense talent.”
—Garth Stein, author of A Sudden Light




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