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My Books:

The Infects

Five Things the Publisher Said About The Infects:

  1. "Must. Eat. Brains."
  2. "Actually, what with Mad Cow disease and all, eating brains is not that hot an idea."
  3. "If this isn’t the best zombie book ever written, we will refund your money in full. And then bite you."
  4. "When the dead rise, it means it’s either standing room only in hell, or they heard about The Infects and are lining up to get an autographed copy."
  5. "Never, ever, take this book into the woods at night and read the sixth chapter backwards by candlelight. Just. Don’t. Do. It."

Some advice I, Nero Sole, can give you, the Potential Reader:

  1. Along with a sledgehammer, a backpack full of freeze-dried food, and waterproof boots, this book will save your life.
  2. No one believes in the apocalypse until some girl in a black leather skirt shows up and starts kicking people in the head. It’s probably wise to start preparing before then.
  3. The eBook version is full of eZombies. Buy a sawed-off eShotgun.
  4. Even if you think that zombie is down for good, tag him one more time before turning around to hug your girlfriend.
  5. Literature can be found even in the entrails-iest places.
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"Trail was no longer an accurate term. It was now just the slightest cleft between vegetation, like a rotting green thong pulled tight between the ass cheeks of being lost."

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