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Zombieland dir. Ruben Fleischer — 7.0

Just when you thought the zombie genre could not possibly support yet another book or movie, here comes another movie. Fortunately, the director and writers play it just about right. Short, breezy, and reasonably funny. This movie does nothing but try to make an hour and a half go by with a few smirks, and nails that much solidly. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but at least keeps its Harrelson-mugging fairly restrained. Even though it does get a little too pleased with it's own archness at times, if you rented a movie called "Zombieland" and wanted more than this, you're an idiot. Great cameo by "What About Bob?"
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"If a moron wants to know nothing, and is only interested in making cheap jokes, are chunks of said moron vastly more likely to soon be residing in a zombie esophagus than someone who takes his survival seriously?"

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