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Awesome review by Karis over at YALitWit. My fave line: "FINALLY!  A real, true, blood-and-gore, zombie book!  The zombies are actually the ones of lore!  You know?  The shambling, mindless, human flesh-eating, living-dead?  You know?  You get bitten and you become one?  As a firm and unwavering member of Team Zombie, I have to say that this book rocked!  It is all of the aforementioned, but it is also SO much more! Where do I even start?" How about the part where the munching starts?

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“Does he drool?
I don’t think so.
Does he eat glue?
Not that I’ve seen.
Does he frequently sniff his fingertips?
Actually, now that you mention it…
Let’s test him.”

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