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Without a Soul or a Conscience

RE: Rep. Jim Bunning (R, Ky): It should be a widely accepted maxim that Ideological intransigence always comes to the soiree wearing a hair-skirt called Principles. Not to mention the thong of Moral Purity. But, we must ask ourselves, where was the brave Bunny during seven years of unfunded Iraq? Where was the man at the podium during two rounds of deficit-bloating tax cuts? And why won't he go back there? Ah, he's not running for re-election. The perfect time to display such a heavy dangling set of true convictions.

Time for Glenn Close to get her hands on this Bunny and get all Fatal Attraction on him. C'mon, Senator, hop in the stew pot!
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"in the end, they want you to bend over and submit in the end."

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