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Where I Tell You How To Start A Salon

Hey, the excellent lit journal Glimmer Train asked me to write a short essay for one of their bulletins. You can check out my foray into non-fiction here: ESSAY: The Grotto

Glimmer Train publishes a ton of great short fiction and non-fiction essays about writing. A subscription makes a great Christmas gift. And, I get 6% every time you buy one. Okay, that's not true. But you should still sign up. There's no congressional bailout for the writing community, and as more and more outlets for non mass-market literature close due to the financial crunch, it's a great time to throw a few dollars their way.Melt down your Hummer, sell it for scrap, spend half the money to upgrade your chop-socky videos to Blu Ray, and send the other to Glimmer Train. Seriously.
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“’Uncle Stu wrote a script?’
‘He did.’
‘About what?’
‘A women’s prison’
‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

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