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Wesley Returns

Awesome new You Killed Wesley Payne review over at Pockets Full of Rockets. My fave line: "You Killed Wesley Payne is brimming with originality and wit, a sharp seventeen-year-old detective, and a school full of racketeering baddies. honestly, this cannot be a true representation of the high school experience or, heaven forbid i ever have children, they will never step foot in a such an unhallowed hall of education. that of course aside, you killed wesley payne was completely entertaining, wickedly entertaining. Only mildly confusing, but absolutely recommendable... it was just as enjoyable as i'd hoped it would be. a fantastic escape, a well-devised mystery, and a swift read. my only complaint is that it is now over, yet i'll be thinking about it for weeks."

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“They stopped at the next rise and watched as the horde of Infects emerged from the cave mouth, like dirty sausage shoved through a dirtier grinder.”

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