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Wesley Payne Best of 2011

Very cool that You Killed Wesley Payne was selected by The Nervous Breakdown as one of the Best Books of 2011. Here's the excellent synopsis:

"This book kills. The clever reworking of the noir format, the crisp plot, the rich and off-kilter world of Salt River High that Beaudoin has painstakingly created, the memorable characters, the cliques from hell, the dark and allusive humor bursting on every page—to label this “YA” is to limit its ambition.  Would that we had a guide like Beaudoin when we were in high school, to help navigate our nerd rowboat along the rocky and perilous shoreline of the Island of Cool."

What other company is Wesley in? Only books by such kickarse writers as Joan Didion, Tyler McMahon, Jessica Anya Blau, Vanessa Vaselka, Francine Prose, and Justin Torres. Congrats to Ben Loory for winning The Nobbie!


I think this book absolutely deserves the award. It is one of the most astoundingly funny and intelligent YA books I’ve ever read and the macabre humor throughout is impeccable. I swear that this novel will become huge.

Thanks, Kit! Oh, man, I hope you’re right. Mortgage-wise, “huge” would be huge.

My dad is writing a YA novel right now and I have had to analyze and edit to the nines. One must keep up hope to keep going at all as a writer, as it turns out. I think I will make him read this novel.

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