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Wendy The Super Librarian

This is a cool and honest review of You Killed Wesley Payne by the excellently-named Wendy The Super Librarian. She gives it a B+ but admits "it's not perfect." On some level she thinks it's a bit too complicated and runs a little on the adult side. I'm never quite sure what to make of that, having a lifelong aversion to pandering. Is it better to have to look a few things up, or have the sudden feeling you're being spoken down to? I always err on the side of "every seventeen year old I've met since I started writing is pretty much vastly smarter than I was at that age." Maybe even now. Feel free to inundate her with emails claiming that if anything, Wesley's not complicated enough. Over your head? Forget it! Anyway, thanks for checking it out, Wendy. Glad you dug it.

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