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Launch Party Invite

So, if you're within 500 miles of Seattle, this is happening tonight. At the mighty Hugo House. There will be live music. There will be cheap beer. I will definitely say something really dumb and then try to play it off as intentional. I will definitely play the wrong note and then be too busy trying to remember the next one to play it off as anything at all. A slideshow. A very brisk reading. Way too much Kevin Emerson for anyone's general comfort level. Most of all, it's gonna be fun. In fact, anyone who yawns will immediately be awarded a gift certificate from Elliott Bay Book Company. You could come. You could stay home. Hey, with the imminent approach of The Singularity, does it matter either way? Probably not. In the end, there are only books and the people who read them. The rest is silence.

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"The truth is, I’ve never been to CBGB’s either. But I do own an electric guitar."

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