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Wearing Sheer Class

Fade To Blue T-Shirts now available! The hipness practically bleeds off these babies. Order one, cut off the sleeves, and you're halfway to your own record contract. But it's not just about bald consumerism. I only get a buck or so per shirt, so it cost me more to type this sentence than any profit I might make. It's really more of an arch plot to turn you, the cash-flush reader, into my unwitting billboard. Just like the Nike people do.

And hey, let me know if you're interested in the pile of slightly used Sham-wow's I got going up for auction soon.


I totally want the shams. I’ll take all you got. I can move them in bulk.

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"The curves are a smoke screen, I tell myself. Inside she’s a bag of hard edges. And I, Ritchie Sudden, am prepared to eat sheet metal."

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