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Watchmen dir. Zack Snyder — 6.0

Hard to fault the job done here too much. It's pretty faithful to the original, the casting is pretty accurate, it makes no dumb director's affectation choices, and pretty much films the unfilmable. The problem is, it's dull as hell. At least it was to me. A lifeless walk-through of the original with really bad aging make up. It had none of the sweep or scope or depth of the comic. And, really, it couldn't be expected to. So, why make it at all? Rorshach's face was cool. Seriously, that's about it. The rest felt like an assignment. Oh, yeah, and it's three hours long.
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"Adralach was so grateful that he

loosed a plague upon the humans

and feasted on the glut of their passing."

                           -Cornelius Wrathbone

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