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Walking Dead Recap

Quick universal recap for every single episode of The Walking Dead this season: EPISODE_____: Rick grows more stubble. Herschel delivers a reasonable speech on crutches. The Governor menaces the Nerd, then makes out with the blond traitor. Once again, you try to decide if Maggie is attractive or not. Once again, you reflect that Maggie hasn't brushed her teeth in a year and a half. The townspeople seem unaccountably restive, given what's on the other side of the Impenetrable Tire Pile. Merle re-fits the knife on his wrist while being pretty much too rednecky to exist, even in Barney Frank's Apocalypse. For 45 minutes, no one you care about gets bit. Then some arrow-to-eye. Some bat-to-head. But not nearly enough. Long shot of moaners in a field. Where's the ammo store again? The chick you can't remember the name of looks wan. Please, not another scene with the baby. Even a Prius needs gas sometimes. Rick smolders with his head at an uncomfortably chiropractic angle. Credits


Loved this, spot on and epically funny.  The best part? “Rick smolders with his head at an uncomfortable chiropractic angle” - so true! I get a kink in my neck just watching him.

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