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On one hand it's gratifying that several readers have written in to offer suggestions on how to counter the Russian spam onslaught that has continually locusted Bit By A Rabid Lizard for the past few weeks. On the other hand, it's a bit disturbing that each suggestion included some variant of hiring Chuck Norris to fly to Moscow with a freshly trimmed beard and a really sharp knife. Now, I'm sure Chuck needs the work, and I doubt his personal cell number is very hard to find, but then what? How many roundhouse kicks must one deliver to a stack of integrated servers before they stop pumping out ads for Magic Hair Growth Paste? How many backhand chops to stem the tide of 70's Bulgarian bodybuilding pics? And is Chuck even eligible for a passport? Would the diminutive Texas Ranger fit nicely in the overhead luggage bin and not even need a ticket?

Yes, there are just too many loose ends. I need a more practicable solution. But keep them coming.
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