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Up In The Air dir. Jason Reitman — 7.1

A mostly smart and well-written film (from a book by Walter Kirn) that in some ways is the usual Clooney vehicle: charming George learns to recant his emotionally detached philosophy when something good comes along, in this case Vera Farmiga (is she too good to be true? You sorta had to figure). Still, the performances are solid and it ends on a refreshingly uncomfortable note. Things actually work out pretty lousy, which is always a nice twist. The one scene that really rang false: Farmiga agreeing to go to Clooney's sister's wedding. What, she didn't have to worry about all those wedding pictures ending up on the internet and her husband seeing them? Also, when Clooney walks out of his highly-paid motivational speech two lines in, just to be with Farmiga. No one in the history of the world doesn't finish that speech first, collect their check, THEN run through the airport like OJ hurdling luggage in time to meet the girl.
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