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The Ugly Truth

 Here's the wall of my office. Each Post-It is a chapter of the just-finished Render Janes Is Dead, my new crime-fiction novel, which has been described as "Jim Thompson after three bottles of Robitussin meets Lemmy from Motorhead in a back alley and neither of them emerge with any teeth."

Yes, there are WAY too many chapters. Sixty-three in total. But they're short. Each color Post-It designates the character's point of view that chapter is told from. Sound way too snooty French New-Wave? What, there's probably a skewed timeline, too, eh? What a cliche!

Actually, there is.

But don't worry, there's tons of shootings and nubile antics. More than enough to make you suffer through one more Goddard montage. It's where writing-to-please meets stubborn faux-misathrope. Or, where born-not-to-sell author finally cashes royalties. Who doesn't want to read about funny crimes? No one, that's who.
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