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Tyson dir. James Toback — 6.1

A fascinating look at the interior Mike Tyson. That is, if you are interested at all in knowing anything more about Mike Tyson that you already do. I thought I was, but discovered pretty quickly that old footage of Iron Mike from the days when I was enthralled with his youth and savagery aren't enough to carry a film. Mike's split-screened talking head spends a lot of time crying, justifying, belaboring, obsfuscating, intimately whispering, and constantly affirming the fear the bubbles at the core of his being. It made me increasingly depressed, not enlightened. Yeah, I get it. He's a complex and pitiable beast who was stripped down and recreated into a violent cash machine for the benefit of a lot of unscrupulous people, and all of us who watched and cheered should feel pretty bad about ourselves too. Next: James Toback dives into nine layers of Paris Hilton.
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