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These are both from industry review journals, which carry a healthy influence:

School Library Journal: “Fade to Blue takes off with a crunch (that Popsicle Truck!) and careens wildly to a thought-provoking screecher of an ending in a manic rampage of plot twists, crazy characters, dark comedy, and virtual reality taken to the extreme. A fast, highly entertaining read, this novel will appeal to graphic-novel enthusiasts, techies, and anyone looking for a cleverly written, inventive romp in which every detail counts.”


BCCB: “Through manipulating time and point of view, introducing new narrators at random, and blurring the lines between reality, virtual reality, and hallucination, Beaudoin creates such wondrously stylish confusion that it takes a lot of work to construct a linear plot, and then even more mental gymnastics to figure out how the plot makes sense. Of course, such a formidable challenge for traditionalists will be a walk in the virtual park for the postmodern, SF-savvy gamer crowd, and the language and sophisticated wit are a tasty treat even for those not fluent in geek. A faux glossary and some very cool doodles round out this darkly humorous and deeply weird cautionary tale.”

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