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I was reading in the paper today that Ace In The Hole has finally come out on dvd. This is one of my favorite all-time movies and has forever been unavailable due to legal reasons or whatever. I was lucky enough to catch it  on some bootleg video in high school and was blown away. Of course, back then it was called The Big Carnival. I have no idea what kind of shitstorm of lawsuits has plagued this movie, but I think it has had at least one other name as well. I saw this film during hardcore Regan-era depression, and I remember thinking even then that it could have been made in 1984 instead of 1954. It's about everything that is evil in The Media and even gives Network a run for it's money script-wise. This is a brilliant film, one of Billy Wilder's best, and it is finally, finally free for wide consumption.
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