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This Gun's For Hire dir. Frank Tuttle — 6.6

This is a pretty hilarous noir that doesn't age too well. Alan Ladd is miscast as the cold-blooded killer who loves kittens, and Veronica Lake is her usual icy-beautiful fatale verging on real or imagined madness. She does a pretty excellent magic-themed song and dance number, and there's some ridiculous fat guy who is clearly trying to channel Sydney Greenstreet, but also a lot of clunker lines and lack of depth. My favorite scene, though, is when the cleaning woman comes into Ladd's flophouse room. He catches her being mean to the kitten. The cleaning woman improbably looks like a low rent Jayne Russell. Ladd rips her dress and then slaps her one for good measure. B-grade Jane squishes up her face and spits out "You! You and!" and then storms out. It's a classic.  
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