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The Town dir. Ben Affleck — 6.2

A pretty improbable heist movie set in Baffleck's beloved Bostonian mean streets. Alternating tight action scenes with flaccid romance and bad dialog, the film is too-long by a half hour and not nearly as satisfying as it could have been. The problem is that Affleck can't really act. He's just not believable in scene after scene. It's not really his fault. It seems like the guy is sincere and tries hard. Maybe too hard. There's just something smug about his bearing and flat in his delivery. It's that way in every movie. I am never able to put "Ben" away and buy into his character. Jon Hamm was a good choice to act across from him though, because although Hamm is perfect as Don Draper, he may be the only flatter chin in Hollywood than Affleck. They're like bookends. Jeremy Northam, who is half their size and nowhere near a star, is not only ten times as intimidating as either, he acts circles around them througout. Sad to see Pete Postlethwaite, who is also great, in one of his last roles.

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“They stopped at the next rise and watched as the horde of Infects emerged from the cave mouth, like dirty sausage shoved through a dirtier grinder.”

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