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The Beat That My Heart Skipped dir. Jacques Audiard — 8.8

This is a great movie. It's a modern take on James Toback's Fingers, which is one of the exceptional features of the first wave of 70's introspective films. This is a movie that could never get made in America now. Why? Because it is a slow character study, a survey of personal disintegration, filled with characters that are truly flawed if not beyond redemption. Because it is extremely smart and philosophical. Because the characters use one another, blinded by their desires and seamy ambitions, they are ugly and small--even if capable of a certain kind of greatness. The acting and casting are also terrific, especially Romain Duris, a collection of faces that are not easily read and hard to forget. No Gwennyth Paltrow in this ensemble. No dumb-ass third act full of false notes and convenient misunderstandings. Each motivation feels true and necessary, which is amazing for a film in which so little is explained, where there is absolutely no lazy exposition. I loved every frame of it.

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