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Telling Me Something From The Depths

So, I have more than 13,000 songs on my ipod. Pretty much my entire music collection. Five days a week, I listen to it on shuffle for anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time. I have noticed that, in a complete repudiation of basic mathematics, if not logic, the same bands come up over and over and over again in a way that defeats probability. This is, of course, assuming that the shuffle function is truly random. But of the hundreds of artists that might theoretically come up at any time, the same handful are played far more often than they should be. Like, to a disturbing degree. These artists seem to have no link in either name, music type, my personal preference, or alphebetical listing. They are: Neko Case, Moondog, Elliot Smith, The Mountain Goats, Bobby Conn and Charles Mingus. It seems like every other song, one of these five come up. So, it occurred to me that my Ipod was trying to tell me something. Perhaps there was a message in this grouping, or in the sequence of songs, or in the amalgam of their titles. And then I started to get scared. What could that impassive little rectangle want me to know? I was worried the titles would start to tell me I needed to shoot the president, or spend the rest of my life assembling the world's largest bowl of pudding in a small town in Idaho.

Anyone who can tell me what the connection is between these artists, or what my evil Jobsian box is trying to impart, will win an immediately Fed Ex'ed signed book.
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