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Technology Is Evil-ish

So I have this 80 gig iPod, which I upgraded from my 40 gig one, which I upgraded from my 10 gig one. At first, it seemed like there was so much space on the 80 I could say something and hear an echo everytime I used it. Now, things are getting tight. It has 66 gigs full, and 4-5 of them are unusable due to storing the user software (shouldn't they call it a 75 gig iPod then?) and the 14,000 or so odd songs on there are starting to feel clausterphobic. I may have to start deleting stragglers. The weird thing though, is that I should be able to put it on shuffle and have it play for like six weeks without repeating a song, but the last few times I've listened to it, Zeppelin's The Crunge comes on. Wed, The Crunge. Friday, The Crunge. Early Sunday morning? The Crunge. It's starting to frighten me. It's like a message from the semi-dead (Jimmy Page). It's like S.M. Geller is going to show up and start doing her screaming and seeing things crawling on the ceiling routine. The only solution may be to flood the thing with so much Dave Matthews that it renders Zeppelin inert, like putting salt on a slug.
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