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Stick It To The Suits

Higher ups and various corporate suits are now insisting Render James Is Dead be re-titled. So far, I have submitted:

Smarter Than You, Deader Than Them
Roar Schock
High Leg Crossover

Somewhat Less Than Right

as alternatives. What do you think?

The first person to write in with a better title, or one that makes me think of something better will be awarded my 80gb black video Ipod. Sure, it's used, but it has over 14,000 songs on it. You could delete half of them, and you still get 7,000 free songs.

It's possibly the best prize awarded EVER.


Smarter Than You, Deader Than Them is the best of your alternatives.  But the BEST title really is RENDER JAMES IS DEAD.  Why exactly are they requesting a change?  That’s a great title.

IS there any number in the book of any significance?  I always did love titles with numbers in them.

Smarter Than You! smarter than you! Smarter than you!

How about something to do with the smell of cordite?

Render James Alive- it’s more positve and upbeat.

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“’Uncle Stu wrote a script?’
‘He did.’
‘About what?’
‘A women’s prison’
‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

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