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The Sixty-Nine Greatest Rock Albums Of All Time

So, I was sitting there watching those incredibly annoying but somehow irresistable VH-1 countdowns with way too much Hal Sparks, and for no good reason at all decided to make my list of the sixty-nine greatest rock albums of all time. Why sixty-nine? Hey, why not? Why is fifty or an even hundred a better number? Anyway, to be considered a great rock album, it has to be one that I don't only feel nostalgic about, but will listen to, right this second, all the way through and still love as much as I ever did. Which means not a record with 2 or even 5 great songs on it, but one that tells an exceptional story all the way through. What is rock? Let's just say everything that's not Blues, Jazz, Soul, or Classical and that could conceivably have been something you shook your ass to in high school. I realize most of these selections are 20-40 years old, but maybe it takes a few decades to decide if a selection of music can stand up to the constancy of fad and blather.  There is no particular order, except the first one, which is unquestionably the greatest album ever made, rock or not.

1. Electric Ladyland                                                    Jimi Hendrix
2. Funhouse                                                              Iggy and the Stooges
3. White Light/White Heat                                          The Velvet Underground
4. Maggot Brain                                                         Funkadelic
5. Loveless                                                               My Bloody Valentine
6. The Clash                                                             The Clash
7. Lick My Decals Off, Baby                                       Captain Beefheart
8. Beggar's Banquet                                                  The Rolling Stones
9. Los Angeles                                                          X
10. Rock For Light                                                    Bad Brains
11. Double Nickles On The Dime                                Minutemen
12. New Train                                                           Paul Pena
13. Legacy Of Brutality                                              The Misfits
14. Zen Arcade                                                         Husker Du
15. Before And After Science                 
Brian Eno
16. Up On The Sun Meat Puppets
17. The Man Who Sold The World                               David Bowie
18. Suicide                                                               Suicide
19. Half Machine Lip Moves
20. The Slider
T. Rex
21. Meet The Residents
The Residents
22. White Album
The Beatles 
23. Sailin' Shoes Little Feat
24. The Modern Lovers
Modern Lovers
25. Desolation Boulevard
26. L.A. Woman The Doors
27. Third Big Star
28. Cheap Trick Cheap Trick
29. The Record Fear
30. Madcap Laughs Syd Barrett
31. Cabbage Alley
The Meters
32. No Depression Uncle Tupelo
33. Tres Hombres ZZ Top
34. Underwater Moonlight
The Soft Boys
35. Kill 'Em All
36. Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon
37. Regatta De Blanc
The Police
38. Cannibalism Can
39. Marquee Moon
40. Pretzel Logic
Steely Dan
41. Singles Going Steady Buzzcocks
42. Rumor And Sigh Richard Thompson
43. Entertainment Gang Of Four
44. Out Of Step
Minor Threat
45. Led Zeppelin I
Led Zeppelin
46. Pleased To Meet Me
The Replacements
47. Peaches En Regalia
Frank Zappa
48. Thirds
James Gang
49. Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley
50. New York Dolls
New York Dolls
51. Slanted And Enchanted Pavement
52. A Night At The Opera Queen
53. Nevermind Nirvana
54. Non-Alignment Pact Pere Ubu
55. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
56. Vs. Mission Of Burma
57. Akuma No Uta Boris
58. Swordfish Trombones Tom Waits
59. Devil's Rumble Davey Allen And The Arrows
60. My Aim Is True
Elvis Costello
61. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
62. Fresh Fruit For Rotted Vegetables Dead Kennedys
63. Slinky
Link Wray
64. New Rose
The Damned
65. Prayers On Fire The Birthday Party
66. The Golden Age Legendary Pink Dots
67. Grieveous Angel Gram Parsons
68. Songs About Fucking
Big Black
69. The Sun Recordings Elvis Presley


Awesome list!

What about the Go go’s?

Elvis Last?

Frank Zappa?

What about Creedence?

many of these bands are just before my time, sadly

but i do like the nod to captain beefheart, who is totally underappreciated

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