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Send Me Your Tired And Poor, Your Huddled Masses

Stan Smith will soon begin reviewing books and cds on this site. If your band has a disc out, or you've just written something, send it to the contact address under the AUTHOR tab and Stan will get to it as soon as he can.

All books/music will be numerically graded using Stan's own rating system. This system has been perfected over years of trial and error:

10-Astonishingly good. Loved it. Learned from it. Will play/read it many,
many more times over many, many more years.
9- Pretty damn great. A number of truly fine songs/chapters with few, if any,
8- Has style and numerous excellent qualities. There were a few significant
glitches, but the positives far outweighed them.
7- A variety of solid stuff that made me want to like it more than I
really did. Needs some direction. Endearingly flawed.
6- I liked some of it okay. At least four or five good songs/sentences. Still, a
lot of it was tiresome.
5- As mediocre as a five-disc live Clapton set. Made me sleepy and suddenly nostalgic for Ogden Nash.
4- Needed a major infusion of balls of almost any variety. Pointedly off.
3- Listened to/read the entire thing and genuinely wished I didn't.
Frisbee'd it into traffic on the way to work. The next day it was still there.
2- Two speaks for itself.
1- The Absolute Worst Disc Ever Burned/Book Ever Written. Likely to be rife with Billy
Joel, or possibly just static. Threw this into the ocean, and it washed immediately back.
A sea turtle ate it and it gave him the runs for a month.

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"Trail was no longer an accurate term. It was now just the slightest cleft between vegetation, like a rotting green thong pulled tight between the ass cheeks of being lost."

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