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Seattle7Writers celebrity cookout

Hey, I forgot to mention that I'll be at this Seattle7Writers charity author cookout at Queen Anne Books tonight. If you're in Seattle, swing on by. Totally casual event, book signings, free hot dogs. I will be manning the grill and using copies of a certain popular erotic thriller as extra kindling. Come check it out.


Um . . . we didn’t see you “manning the grill . . ” Great to meet you last night, Sean. It was fun talking to you about your writing. (My daughter, Sienna, and I were the ones talking to you about zombie make up.) Can’t wait to read some of your work!

Hi Kim….I may have hit the grill later. Still do hope you guys show up and wow the crowd with your zombie swag. The date will be posted soon. There’s no reason at all to waste any fake blood!

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