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Russia and Reality Rodeo: Baldwinesque

Stephen Baldwin Injured in Bull Riding Fall
By Steve Gorman
LOS ANGELES (June 1) - Actor Stephen Baldwin, nursing a broken shoulder and rib from a reality-TV rodeo accident, said Friday the bull that threw him to the ground in four seconds was more fierce than he had expected.
The 41-year-old performer injured himself Thursday while working on cable network CMT's upcoming series "Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge."
"I held on for about four jumps, and then I just ate a bunch of dirt," Baldwin told Reuters in a telephone interview, adding the whole bumpy ride was over in four seconds. He and fellow celebrity contestants, including rapper-musician Vanilla Ice and actor Leif Garrett, had just started training on live bulls when he got thrown.

"We were supposed to be on these kind of dainty versions of (bulls) that weren't supposed to get too excited," he recalled. "But you never can tell what a bull's gonna do. So this particular one that I had kind of rose to the occasion." He ended up with a broken left scapula and a broken rib, and was outfitted with a special brace and sling he has to wear for the next four to six weeks.
He was supposed to travel to Russia next week for a movie shoot, but his doctor told him, "I have to give the whole performance with my thumb in my pocket."

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