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Revolution #1: The Weeklings eBook anthology is officially on sale as of today! It boasts many of our best pieces from the last year, curated and edited by myself, Greg Olear, Janet Steen and Jennifer Kabat. Not only is it PACKED with great writing, and costs a mere $4.99, EVERY penny goes toward a fund to pay our writers. Literary socialism in action! Artists need to get paid! And this is a great way to do it. Including work by killer writers like: Danbert Nobacon, Elissa Schappell, Patrick Wensink, James Greer, Peter Mountford, Diana Spechler, Quentin Rowan, Bob Devine, and way, way too many more to list. Plus, a bonus Point/Counterpoint with Jess Walter. Buy three! it's SO much cooler than Kickstarter.

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