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So, you'll notice the new "Stan's Book and Record Review" sections there to your right. Feel free to send advance copies, demos and cds to: 912 Cole Street #286, SF CA 94117 and Stan will review your stuff. I do have a monster stack of books to get to, but I'm (Stan is) a fast reader.

THE RULES: The dates are based on when I finished a book, and they are all in real-time order. No skipping or adding stuff in later, or reviewing books I read a long time ago. I pledge to review every single book I read, no matter how pointless or embarrassing, over the next year. All books are given a numerical grade/rating from One to Ten Stans, based on widely accepted international guidelines. Numerical grades are not subject to change due to pleading or bribery. Well, maybe bribery. But no pleading, please.
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"The only real terror is the truth,

an accumulation of sins exposed."

                    -Cornelius Wrathbone

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