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shirley   Here's my response to Ex-NBA player Paul Shirley's recent blog post bemoaning the Haiti relief effort, and saying it's more or less like giving money to the homeless. As a writer, Shirley wasn't a very good ball player either. Check it out. My post is on, which may require you to sign up to read the whole thing, but it's quick and free.


wow, is that guy an a__h___

a total and well-deserved dismantling. But I don’t agree he should keep his job. ESPN fired him not fast enough.

I cannot believe this guy! Totally dismantled. Awesome.

Why shouldn’t he be allowed to be outspoken? And there’s a lot of truth to what he says. We’ve been pouring money into that country forever so dictatorrs can line there pockets and then we protect them. Have a plan!

I really appreciate you writing that. He is a person without any soul or care. What difference does politics make when so many people have died?

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