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Ray Davies Revisited

It's funny how you can spend your whole life in the proximity of something and not ever really think about it or examine it. I was just sitting here typing and the Kinks' "All Day And All The Night" came on, a song I've been radio/randomly listening to for at least 25 years and sort of enjoying as a pretty simple, catchy, raunchy early rocker, and suddenly I realized how tinny, faltering, and out of tune-ish the guitar was. How had I never noticed that before? And then the solo came, which I've always sort of remembered as fun and ballsy, and  further realized it may be the lamest, most comically inept guitar solo in the history of recorded music, saved only by its torn-tweeter recording and naive enthusiasm. Strange.

I dare anyone to listen to that solo with an open mind and not come to the conclusion it sounds like their Uncle Ferdie sawing away at an electric for the first time in his life in a Wild Turkey stupor at the end of a very long and cigarette-choked Thanksgiving.


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