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Rachael Getting Married dir. Johnathan Demme — 8.0

I'm surprised at how much abuse this film has taken, since I enjoyed it so much. I think it's really an original and daring piece of filmmaking. While there are a number of scenes that rang out with a bit of emotional falseness, and the crashing of the Volvo felt like a typical movie toss-in, there are also many honest and vibrant scenes. The script by Jenny Lumet is for the most part sharp and filled with good dialog. The soundtrack, which was recorded simultaneously with the shooting of the scenes (a ballsy move), is great and includes Robyn Hitchcock and Donald Harrison Jr. The scene during the rehearsal dinner where Anne Hathaway stands up and gives a speech is both brilliant and excruciating. And the camera work in the next scene, back in the house and swinging from room to room, dark to light, as an argument between the two sisters unfolds, was really beautiful.
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