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R U Tough?

I'm starting my list of the top ten Fake Tough-Guy Wusses in Music, Film and Television. These are guys that deliver steely Eastwood-ish lines, usually to bad guys twice their size, with their dirty leather jackets and pencil necks and cheesy stubble, and you're supposed to buy when the bad guy backs off and cowers away instead of just stomping the tiny teen idol and pocketing his perfect teeth to make a necklace with later. The first ones that immediately come to mind are:

1. Luke Perry in Bev Hills 90120
2. Rob Lowe in St. Elmo's Fire
3. Rob Halford from Judas Priest
4. Tommy Cruise in Anything
5. David Caruso in Jade, NYPD Blue, CSI: Wuss City
6. Christian Slater-Post Male Pattern Baldness
7. Skeet Ulrich/Brad Dorff- Same Person
8. Ben Affleck-Not even close with that goatee

One Wuss per vote, please.



9. Grant Show - Melrose Place - big oversight!
10.  Scott Stapp - Former Creed frontman ... still trying

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