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Prometheus dir. Ridley Scott — 4.0

I love Ridley Scott. Sometimes. I mean, both Alien and Blade Runner are among my favorite movies ever. But he sure has made a lot of crap. Which is to be expected from any long career. There are going to be misses. But Prometheus is beyond a miss. It is an utterly inexplicable turd. Why was it made at all? Did Alien really need a prequel? And if it did, why did they bother to make up a storyline before going into production. This movie makes no sense at all. There are so many falsehoods, red herrings, unconvincing performances and ludicrous plot twists that it actually starts to seem like some anti-cinema performance art. Sure, there's a few gorgeous visuals here and there. Great. And Michael Fassbinder gives the only remotely compelling performance reprising John Hurt's role as the android life form. But everything else is a meaningless slag pile of SF cliches and untethered scenes. If you bother trying to unravel the internal logic, it falls apart before the first reel.

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