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Predators dir. Nimrod Antal — 6.2

This is a better than expected reboot of the Predator franchise. Sort of a clever premise and an attempt to find a way to not rehash the same old characters and gadgets, although the internal logic begins to bleed plausibility even for sci-fi implausible. Adrian Brody is pretty good as the tough dude, despite the fact that all his lines are of the "Here's where I say something enigmatic and raspy and then turn away from the camera and keep walking" variety. Walton Goggins, from The Shield and Justified, is once again the most watchable person onscreen. A bloated Laurence Fishburne is once again the most ridiculous. See, he's crazy so....he talks to an imaginary friend! That's a new twist. Anyway, it's your usual gore and prosthetics with some cool camera shots and a whole lot of Beckett-ish walking through an endless jungle.

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