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Today, while waiting in line for my usual double americano brewed so powerfully it tastes almost exactly like the smell of a new car, I saw three different people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. One was walking by the window outside, one was in line three people in front of me, and one was the scraggly-bearded, multi ear-flanged barista. Why do people wear Che Guevara shirts, I wondered? Even given the recent Steve Soderberg hagiography (which, apparently, almost no one felt the need to go see), not to mention that other film with Gael Garcia Bernal that essentially portrayed Che as a freewheeling motorcycle dude who got laid a lot, isn't it time for a reappraisal of what the man's brand of socialism really stands for? It certainly does not stand for capitalist profiteering from clever t-shirts. It doesn't stand for the freedom of speech or individual rights. And, in the revolutionary Jungle Rules world, it doesn't even stand for owning a nice new red shirt. At least not unless it's worn collectively. True Che principles vs. Dreamy Che revisionism is probably too much of a contradiction to expect one beefy XL Hanes to handle. On the other hand, even the harried barista ought to be aware that wearing the pic of a certain cigar-chomping mug more or less says: "I WISH THROUGH THE DISPLAY OF THIS DEAD FACE TO TRUMPET MY INDIVIDUALITY AND CONSUMER LEFTISM, BUT I DON'T WISH IT ENOUGH TO SPEND THE TIME TO RESEARCH WHAT THIS FACE REALLY STANDS FOR, SO I'LL CHOOSE TO DON A BRAND OF MASS-PRODUCED IMAGE HOMOGENIETY WHICH, IRONICALLY, THIS DEAD FACE WOULD HAVE ESPECIALLY DESPISED."

On the other hand, maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just a shirt. Maybe it's like wearing an Addidas logo. Maybe the guy was tired and didn't do his laundry and pulled something off his roommate's floor. Maybe he intended to wear his favorite I LIKE DRAPES hoodie, but his girlfriend snagged it on the way to her 7am economics class, and he really has no investment in certain overly mythologized South Americans at all.

Either way, I tipped him pretty good. My four dollar coffee rocked.


it’s just you. The dude is earning.

I agree. On the other hand, that if fucking hilarious. Fuck that guy.

Che is the man. He is the holy man. He is holy. Worship him.

I saw that movie. He was pretty. Then I saw a picture. He wasn’t pretty. I was robbed.

dude, i’m with the brand…

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