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Nurse Jackie season 1 and 2 with Edie Falco — 7.0

We watched both seasons over a two day marathon during the winter east coast blizzard. The acting and casting are really good, particularly Merritt Wever, who plays Jackie's young nursing intern. It avoids almost all the dull hospital cliche's  (I just saved a baby's leg!....Hand me that, Stat!...breathe, dammit! Breathe!) and mostly is about an incredibly facile liar and her drug abuse. It's smart in the way that it makes her nuanced and also a good person in many ways, but not enough to come anywhere close to offsetting her self-destructive narcissism. It's also great to see Falco and Paul Schulze reunited from the cast of Laws of Gravity, one of my favorite indie films of the early eighties.

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