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Never Turn Down A Dare

I was challenged to write the Most Boring Facebook Post Ever. Still not sure if I won a ribbon or not.

The Hungarian film festival is canceled again. I sold my umbrella collection online. Some cheeses smell yellow. That weird patch of skin on my neck still itches. Parakeets in a pet store window. Click here for my thoughts on boycotting tar sands. The Bell Jar would be better translated into emojis. I never learned how to string that souvenir ukulele. My band broke up nine years ago. Soccer is called football in England. Here's three ideas for the best return on your investment. I'm stymied about how to spell stymie. Nutella on an organic carrot. Vin Diesel.

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“The trouble began in seventh grade, when I was taken out of regular classes and put in assisted learning, which smelled like eau du Velveeta.”

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