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Name Change

So, the faceless suits over at Little, Brown have decided that Sour White needs a new name. Didn't do well in the focus groups with the ankle warmers and nosering crowd or something. Anyway, we need to come up with a new title. Whoever sends in the best possible title wins an autographed pom-sock. You know, the kind Tracy Austin used to wear. And I still do.

Some Of Our Own Ideas:

1. SwayzeTasm
2. KnuckleDrag
3. Like Ashes For Rashes
4. Doktah Jack and The Kevorkians
5. The Corpus
6. Interpreter Of Hats
7. Men are From Jersey, Women are From St. Louis
8. Handbook Of Collectible Stamps-The Novel
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“The pool was packed, full of moms and dads and screaming kids with melty popsicles. It was a perfect day. Except something bad was coming. Soon. I could smell it in the chlorine.”

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