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Someone asked me the other day (a question I usually hate) "Who is your favorite author?"
Well, as usual, I replied that I couldn't narrow it to just one. So, then I reeled off ten. Below is my attempt to define my ten favorite. Send me yours.

I reserve the right to make changes as they occur to me.

Vladimir Nabakov
H.L. Mencken
James Salter
Stephen Wright
Evelyn Waugh
L.F. Celine
Somerset Maugham
Robert Musil
Cormac McCarthy
Iceburg Slim

Other Possibles:
Knut Hamsun
Nelson Algren
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Saul Bellow
Dashiell Hammett
Denis Johnson
Robert Graves
Fred Exley
Graham Greene

In my twenties, my list would have been something like this:
Charles Bukowski
William Burroughs
Don Delillo
Henry Miller
Phillip Roth
Lester Bangs
Jim Thompson
Joseph Heller
Hunter S. Thompson
Hubert Selby Jr.
Paul Bowles
JIm Caroll
Phillip K. Dick
Anthony Burgess
Leon Uris
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