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Music Saturday!

Hey, did you know that we mosh-crazy, ear-bleeding, Samba addicts at The Weeklings have just launched Music Saturdays? That's right, every Saturday from now on we'll host a featured essay targeting some aspect of the music world. Today kicks off with "Power Trio," a feature in which we ask a writer or musician to choose three random songs and tie them together in some size, shape, or fashion--be it obvious, righteous, or tangential. And since it's launch day, we're running 3 Power Trios! Check out great work by Greg Olear, Ms. Joanna Schroeder, and Matt Harris!

Music rocks. Saturday rocks. The Weeklings rocks.

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"Even so, they can arrest every

Yeti in the five woods and

it will not matter. A concept

cannot be jailed."

       -Cornelius Wrathbone

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