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The Most Awesomely Inept Spam Ever

Got this a couple of days ago. The text is completely unaltered. Go ahead and send "Bob Dewitt" an email (or better yet, give him a call) and let him know what you think:

"bob dewitt" <>

Hi, I'm trying to reach the movie star Sean Beaudoin, I don't
expect you to take my call, you're probably out signing
autographs. This is Casey
calling from RSA Public Relations and I saw your name mentioned
in an article. When you get back from your autograph sessions
can you call Robert Smith at (815)633-3375. I wanted to run a
few ideas by you about getting you listed on the first page of
Google and reach customers who are searching for your type of
service. We had one client who made $130,000 using our Internet
strategy. I'll be expecting your call today,
thank you!"
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“The trouble began in seventh grade, when I was taken out of regular classes and put in assisted learning, which smelled like eau du Velveeta.”

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