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Book Release Party

You can check out this link if you live in SF. Or have tons of frequent flier miles:

Should be fun.

Hard Rockin Video

So the video is finally done and up on the GNF MySpace site under "videos"
(oh really?), and, of course, right here.....for some reason it looks the best tiny here, but not too bad on Myspace.
It's also on Ifilm:
and YouTube: (worst quality of the three)
It's actually frustrating how bad it looks recompressed and streaming from
someone else's website. I'm trying to figure how to have it here in all it's
hi-def glory. It only looks about 9000% better as a stand-alone file.

Your Photo Here

I was recently sent some pics of friends reading GNF and decided to post them. That's Jordan on the left and Cammie on the right. Cammie apparently prefers Goodnight, Gorilla. Anyway, from now on if anyone sends me a low-res pic of them reading the book, I'll post them here on the site. Just send your first name and where the pic was taken. My email is under the "Contact" tab.

FlamingNet Award

So, it looks like GNF has been given a FlamingNet Top Choice Award, which, as you know, is about a half-rung below an Oscar.....
Thanks to to the folks at FN and JPear  for the kind review...

FN is a pretty cool website that sends out advance copies of new YA books to
students, and then lets them write their own reviews. Also, they're non-profit, so
when you buy a book or two through them, they donate the money to libraries that
can't afford to buy new books. It's worth checking out, and maybe ordering some stuff...


A Raging Success

So the reading was fun. It was actually pretty packed, which I found surprising. There are clubs and bars and fancy sushi places all around Adobe Books and I was amazed that so many people preferred to stand shoulder to shoulder in a grubby book store and listen to me or anyone else instead of wolfing down $10 Supporo and raw abalone shooters, or wearing their pants belted around their knees and dancing to Meatloaf/Bel Biv Devoe mashups. It confirmed something, but I'm not sure exactly what. The woman who read after me, Jennifer Blowdryer, was good. I liked her piece a lot. It's in the "Love" issue also. The dude right after us read something that was both a hard X and pretty hilarious. It spawned a mix of nodding heads and sweaty couples wondering why they hadn't stayed home and ordered take-out pad thai instead. Anyone who lives within a hundred miles of Adobe Books should drive there immediately and charge up as much as thier Visa can possibly accomodate. It's an honest store, which is more than you can say for just about any place left, books or otherwise.

Giving A Reading

I will be giving a reading for Instant City, a pretty cool journal that prints fiction and poetry that takes place in, around, or about, San Francisco. My story is in the new "Love" issue, #4. Check them out at: The reading is Feb. 2nd at Adobe Books on 16th St. at Guererro. It starts at 7:30 pm. Wine, cheese, music, etc. Adobe Books is one of the first places I hung out when I moved to SF, almost 20 years ago. I used to take all the copies of Less Than Zero that were always sitting around our flat and trade them in for Sherwoood Anderson, Ford Maddox Ford, and Ranier Maria Rilke, who, at the time, I thought was a woman. Anyway, if you're reading this, you should come. I'll buy you a plastic cup of wine. Or, if you're under 21, a wedge of gouda.

Welcome To Bit By Rabid Lizard

Going Nowhere Faster, from now on out to be known by the cool acronym GNF, will be out April 1st, 2007. The website, as you can probably tell, is finally up. Miles' band Seeing For Miles has recorded a song for Going Nowhere Faster. The song and accompanying video will be available soon in the box on the right. Seeing For Miles is in the studio, and their new album The Dark Side Of The Room begins mixing soon.

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