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Tour kicks off in Portland tonight!

Hey, Portland. Yea, this is happening tonight. We're gonna read the roof off. And then play some songs. The mighty Kevin Emerson will be resplendent in an artisinal vest, wool pants, and a handlebar mustache, since he recently joined Mumford $ Sons. Free beer in Portland, you say? Why yes, it would be worth driving thousands of miles for. Plus, the fantastic Powell's Books, Inc. Swing on by.


Gigi Digging It

Everyone needs a good dog on their side.


Barbara Knows It's Official

So, today is the official launch date for Welcome Thieves. What does that mean, exactly? Hard to say, since it's been on shelves for weeks. I guess just that it's good to feel official, like now there's no way someone at the corporate office can change their mind and pulp the lot of 'em. And then also, instead of taking a long break at a spa in Palm Springs, or boogie boarding in Maui, I wrote this short essay about what it feels like to put stories out at all.


Book TraIler of the Day

Hey, "Between Two Franzens" is the Book Trailer of the Day over at Check it out. 


Pillow Interview

You know what's weird about interviews? I genuinely don't remember saying any of this. Is that what I thought then? Apparently so. Probably would say the opposite if you asked me tomorrow. Except about Evelyn Waugh and Steph being Nabokov.


The Rocket has Left the Pad

The launch party was a ton of fun. I will buy pastries for life for everyone who came. Thanks especially to Hugo House, Ritalin, Algonquin Books, Sharpie, Carlsburg, Jim Dunlop guitar picks, and the vocal stylings of the mighty Kevin Emerson.



Here's an interview I did as part of the "Fiendish Conversation" series at the awesome Seattle Met Magazine. Just don't call me edgy, man.


The Quivering Pen

The Quivering Pen reviews "Between two Franzens" book trailer for Welcome Thieves.


Launch Party Invite

So, if you're within 500 miles of Seattle, this is happening tonight. At the mighty Hugo House. There will be live music. There will be cheap beer. I will definitely say something really dumb and then try to play it off as intentional. I will definitely play the wrong note and then be too busy trying to remember the next one to play it off as anything at all. A slideshow. A very brisk reading. Way too much Kevin Emerson for anyone's general comfort level. Most of all, it's gonna be fun. In fact, anyone who yawns will immediately be awarded a gift certificate from Elliott Bay Book Company. You could come. You could stay home. Hey, with the imminent approach of The Singularity, does it matter either way? Probably not. In the end, there are only books and the people who read them. The rest is silence.


Being on TV is Weird

Well, that was an interesting experience. I seriously have no idea what I even said. Really makes you appreciate people who do this all the time, the talent and confidence it must require. Thanks to the staff of New Day Northwest, who were unrelentingly helpful and friendly. Probably would have been wise to tuck in my (lavender--guess who dressed me?) shirt so as not to appear quite so pregnant. Also, the guy before me put on a tequila presentation, since today is National Margarita Day. If I'd had one, I might have talked a little less like the spokesman for National Quaalude Day. Sure, there was a slight Best of Show tinge to it all, but in the best possible way.

Also, I have won few if no awards.

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