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Lit Fix Tonight 7pm

Yes, a mere 11 hours from now this is going down at the mighty Chop Suey. I will be reading a story that mentions the Thompson Twins unironically, Black Flag rhetorically, and the Tao of Pooh metaphorically. Really. Snacks and drinks, plus all proceeds go to the Literary Council of Seattle. Dude, these Lit Fix events rock: packed and rowdy and fun. Come and give Mia Lipman a hug.


End of the Tour, End of an Era

Well, the tour comes to an end tonight at KGB Bar & Lit Mag in NYC. I'll be reading with Diana Spechler (Skinny, New York Times) and Teddy Wayne (GQ, The Love Song of Jonny Valentine). Plus, Robert Burke Warren (Fleshtones, Perfectly Broken) will be on the turntable and mic. Snow, wind, rain? Man, if you live anywhere from Hialeah to Bangor, you'd be a total Trotsky to miss it. Beware a prose-putsch! Hardliners will be toppled! Also, snacks and soda.


Last Night Austin, Tonight Tulsa

Yeah, this is about to happen Tulsa. 7pm at This Land Press HQ, co-sponsored by BookSmart Tulsa. Free pudding.


Elle Know What's UP

Hey, Elle magazine completely knows where it's at short fiction-wise. Should you trust them? Definitely. C


Reading Tonight!

Tonight the mighty Joshua Mohr and I will read at Village Books in Bellingham. Immediately afterward, I will be "In Conversation with Joshua Mohr", which means we'll sit across from each other Dick Cavett-style and talk about craft. By which I mean pretentiously hog the microphone. No, I mean craft. Totally craft! Like, how to find an agent and write dynamic sentences and stuff. Is it worth driving up north for? Only if you love literature and life and being fed metaphorical grapes at one of the best bookstores in America. No pressure.

Washington Independent Review of Books

Hard to argue with this review from Washington Review of Books, "A ragtag collection of challenging, off-the-wall, brilliant tales." And it goes on from there.


On Salon

At least for this moment, we appear to be on the front page of Salon. Yes, directly below a giant gem-studded purple dildo. Which I suppose is just about right. Re-reading the interview now, I have to admit to being less than pleased that Jonathan Evison is consistently bolder than me. That's font humor. Get it? Font humor.



L.A. Book Soup Reading

Zero narcissism with this one, just an excuse to give Henry Cherry, the mad lensman of Hollywood, some props. I genuinely love this photograph, which looks like a lost Robert Frank. Or the second before something goes down at the Ambassador Hotel. On the other hand, you could put one of those black "cartel informant" rectangles over my eyes and suddenly it's Mapplethorpe's post-whip literary period. Either way, Hank's got the shutter finger nailed. I knew one day I'd end up in the Whitney, but I guess I always thought it'd be after buying a ticket.


Book Passage Gig

Big thanks to the fabulous Cheryl Krocker McKeon, proprietor of Book Passage, for handling all the arrangements last night. Including growlers of artisinal craft beer as introductory gifts, and laughing at a generous percentage of my pre-presentation jokes. I love Book Passage Bookstore & Cafe! Even if you don't live in SF, you should go there right now and buy lots of stuff. Also, everyone who came is forever and firmly etched in my SO ROCK ledger. Those who didn't? Well, just think "briquette" this Christmas, 'cause Santa needs his royalties and tends to hold a grudge.


Welcome Thieves Tour- San Francisco

San Francisco, my former home, where my first rent was $160 a month and the Mission was sorta dangerous at night. Which is why we all lived there. Yes, I am flying back this evening. If only to revisit a few places, see a few friends, and then stand in front of a captive and unwilling crowd while reading the first three chapters of Heart of Darkness in the original Polish. If you're still in town, or are just a fan of obscure dialects, should you come to this? Yeah, probably.

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