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Michael Clayton dir. Tony Gilroy — 8.0

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Clooney does his usual Syriana-ish world-weary gig sans beard, but for the first time I really bought him in character as opposed to thinking of him as an ER doctor down on his luck and slumming for stereotype-busting roles. Clooney plays a big law firm fixer with half a conscience, a ton of debt, and a manic depressive buddy (the always excellent Tom Wilkison) who has decided to turn evidence over about the typically evil corporate client he's decided he can no longer defend. There's a few too many Big Speeches, but it's all done with style and grace and a healthy lack of obviousness. Best of all, no gunfights or running and ducking from bullets that ping around your feet but always just miss. Hard to tell in parts if the plot shifts had a larger meaning, were concocted to make a straightforward fim seem more complex, or if I'm just stupid. What was with the dungeons and dragons book again? Ah, well, screw it. There's always Clooney's chin to look at.
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