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Medical Insurance Always A Plus

So, I came back from the woods missing my ACL. Or at least the part that connects it to the upper knee. So, surgery and months of rehab lie ahead. They're going to take part of my hamstring and graft it between the two ACL ends. I am wondering exactly which foul misdeed I am paying back karmically for. Probably shouldn't have poked at Steve Baldwin. He does, after all, have a direct line to The Big Man. I am walking around with a cane like this incredibly pretentious and affected wannabe-poet. I'm tempted to start wearing a beret and a cape. Well, at least Sour White is very, very close to done. Stan is jealous. I promise this weekend to spend more time with Stan. Maybe we can go cape shopping.
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“Does he drool?
I don’t think so.
Does he eat glue?
Not that I’ve seen.
Does he frequently sniff his fingertips?
Actually, now that you mention it…
Let’s test him.”

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